Sex Toys – History and Benefits

HISTORY OF SEX TOYS ToysSex has been used for … many years and many believe they have been first … from Asia. However, it wasn’t until ancient Greek time that a sex toy was like a dildo


Sex toys have been used for thousands of years and many believe that they first originated in Asia. However, it wasn’t until the time of ancient Greece that sex toys such as dildos and other phallic objects first became popular. Evidence also suggests that the Romans were the first to mass-produce sex toys for commercial purposes. These sex toys produced during ancient times were often made of smooth stone, ornate wood, bronze or solid stuffing wrapped in leather. They are usually long or have an oval shape like an egg. For lubricants, olive oil is the more common choice.

The term “dildo” was derived during the 14th century Italian Renaissance from the Italian word “diletto” meaning pleasure. The use of sex toys has continued to gain popularity over the years. Dildos made of rubber first appeared during the mid-18th century during the Victorian era. This rubber dildo is a great leap forward as it can be made after the penis and is much more comfortable to use.

Also during this time, the vibrator was invented. However it is not meant for pleasure, but is used by doctors to treat a certain disorder in women known as “hysteria”. It is believed that this so-called psychological disorder can be treated by bringing a woman to orgasm and a vibrator looks perfect for the job. The first vibrator powered by steam.

In the early 19th century, more varieties of sex toys were introduced to the market and featured in blue films and erotic magazines. They are usually advertised as “relaxation devices” for relieving stress and anxiety. In the 1940s, they were referred to as “marriage aids” and by the 1960s, they came out strong as “massages”. Since the 1980s, with technology growing in leaps and bounds and fueled by imagination and passion, many types of sex toys have been created including those for men and other fetishes such as slavery.

Today, there are more people aware of their sexuality than in any other era and thanks to these little gizmos and the internet, sex toys can be quietly and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. The sex toy industry has come a long way with manufacturers steadily increasing their product lines.


Millions of people around the world today have found sex toys to be a satisfying enhancement to their sex life. Humans are motivated by pain and pleasure and sex toys can be a compelling reason to take you to the height of your sexual pleasure. Before we start describing the varieties of sex toys, it is helpful to know what motivates you.

Some of the benefits of sex toys: –

They can bring variety and help explore new ways of sexual intimacy. It brings about the fulfillment of a satisfying sexual relationship that lubricates the intimate relationship.

Sex toys can improve your sexual fulfillment skills, complement sexual intercourse.

They can also be used to spice up relationships. Imagine receiving a sex toy wrapped in a romantic gift box instead of the usual tie-in-a-box.

They can help you orgasm faster and easier if you don’t orgasm often or find it difficult to orgasm with your partner. After all, vibrators were originally intended for this.

Sex toys can bring back the fun even when your partner is out of town.

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