Keeping It Clean: Sex Toy Sanitation Best Practices

Some individuals may consider sex toys to be filthy. Dirty can refer to something offensive, raunchy, or even illegal. So filthy. Not in the least bit nasty, and that is revolting. Unfortunately, because of the wide number of devices and materials presently accessible, the standards of sex toy sanitation aren’t as straightforward. Do you want your toys to be dirty as you play? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Why Is It Important to Keep It Clean?

Sex toys help for safer sex in general, but if they’re not kept clean and sanitized, they can transmit bacteria and other terrible things into your body. Because biological fluids, such as sperm, vaginal fluids, and blood, can persist on your toys’ surfaces. Consider this: some viruses, such as hepatitis C, may stay outside the body for hours or even days. Bacteria from the anus can also be harmful if introduced elsewhere, such as in the vaginal canal.

Medical doctors advise you to carefully clean your sex toys after each use to protect yourself and your partners. There are various ways to clean your toys successfully, but the approach you choose is typically influenced by the type of toy you have and how you use it. The strategies listed here are some of the best for keeping your bedside stock in tip-top shape.

Stick to the instructions.

Isn’t it true that all clothes come with care instructions? Sex toys, on the other hand, have a similar effect. As a result, the easiest approach to cleaning any sex toy is to follow the instructions on the box. These cleaning instructions were created to not only clean but also maintain the condition of your toys.

Warm Water and Soap

Most sex toys can typically be cleaned with vigorous scrubbing with soap and hot water. To kill bacteria and other germs, pour a small amount of antibacterial soap onto the toy and let it sit for some moments. To avoid leaving any soapy residue on the toy, rinse it completely with the hottest water you can handle. If you’re washing non-waterproof battery-operated toys, ensure the batteries are removed and that they aren’t submerged.

Water that is not too hot

To clean some toys, plain warm water might be the best choice. This is especially true for sex toys made of porous rubber or vinyl, which can collect and retain soaps and other chemicals. Because they are incredibly absorbent, some new life-like sex toy materials, such as Cyberskin, must be cleaned with water or a little soap. (This is why, especially when using them anally, it’s often recommended that you use a condom with them.) To keep a Cyberskin sex toy from becoming sticky, let it air dry before dusting it with cornstarch.

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