How To Clean and Care For Your Sex Toys …

Be kind to your sex toys, and in turn your sex toys will be nice to you. Here is some advice from our team at on the best way to clean and care for your sex toys …

Silicone Toys .. sex toys made of silcone are made with a non-porous surface, which means they can be cleaned with not too much effort, so in most cases a little soap and water to clean them is more than enough. To use it for Vaginal and Anal use, or for sharing toys, silicone can be safely boiled and three to five minutes of boiling will kill any germs.

Make sure you DO NOT use ane silicone based lubricant on your silicone toy, as it will cause a reaction with your toy, please use water based lubes only.

Glass Toys.

You can clean the Glass toy with minimal effort with a little soap and water, do not boil it or expose it to extreme temperatures.

Crystal Sex Toys.

Can be cleaned with warm water and soap and dried with a clean dry cloth or towel.

Stainless Steel Toys.

Stainless steel sex toys can be boiled or washed in a dishwasher, or soaked in a water / bleach solution.

Jelly Rubber Toys.

Jelly / Rubber toys (the most common dildos) are porous materials and will never be 100% disinfected, so they should not be used from Anal to Vagina or vice versa or shared, unless always using a condom. To clean Jelly / Rubber toys, you can wipe them with a little soap and warm water.

CyberSkin toys … are very porous materials and like the Jelly / Rubber toys above, they should not be crossed from Vaginal to Anal use or shared without always using a condom. It is also a very delicate material so please use care and care when cleaning it. We recommend cleaning with very little soap and warm water and storing them in a plastic bag to protect them from sticking.

Soft Vinyl Toys ..

Extremely flexible and has a smooth surface which is very easy to clean. You can clean it by wiping it with a soapy cloth and some warm water.

Hard plastic toys.

Very easy to clean, just clean it with soap and warm water.

Acrylic Toys.

Again as above, wash with a little soap and warm water.

Lastly, remove any batteries from your sex toys when they are not in use, for toys and longer battery life.

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