Adult Sex Toys: Pro Tips for Caring for Them

Around 78 percent of men and women in the United States, ages 14 and older, masturbate at least once. A component of having a safe and healthy sex life is learning to clean adult sex toys like an expert.

In their forties, 93.4 percent of males and 80.3 percent of women have masturbated alone. Sex toys, thankfully, allow people and couples to go deeper into their sexuality.

You’ve worked hard for your sex toys and earned the right to enjoy them. To get the most out of your sex toys, you need to clean them frequently.

Cleaning sex toys: Here are 5 expert cleaning tips:

Adult Sex Toys with Pores vs. Nonporous

Nonporous toys, such as silicone, are less prone to harbor bacteria. Porous materials, such as plastic, jelly rubber, or elastomer are more prone to bacterium retention.

Using a nonporous toy on yourself or someone else is safe once you’ve cleaned it. Pandora’s Box of Love sells a wide range of items, including silicone dildos and female sex toys.

Once you’ve washed porous toys, it’s safe to use them on yourself. If you’re using a porous toy on someone else, you should always wear a condom, even if it’s been washed. The condom stops bacteria from spreading and illnesses from occurring.

Get yourself a Toy Cleaner.

Silicone sex toys, which are nonporous and non-motorized, can be washed with soap and water or boiled for three to five minutes. Nonetheless, using a cleaner on a toy immediately after usage is the most convenient solution, especially for electric toys.

Check for alcohol and parabens in your cleaning. Both of these products can irritate your genitals’ sensitive, absorbent skin.

After each use, clean.

After each use, make sure to clean your sex toy thoroughly. Men’s sex toys like fleshlights, anal plugs, and vibrating bullets or rings fall under this category.

Cleaning a toy after each usage keeps it clean and stops bacteria from spreading. Using dirty toys can lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and other problems, so ensure they’re always clean.

Dishwashers are not recommended.

It’s been said that sex toys can be washed in the dishwasher, and this must not be done! Glass toys and sex toys could be ruined.

Instead, read the sex toy’s cleaning directions. Ask the vendor how to clean it if there aren’t any.

Keep it secure.

Cleaning can be made or broken by how you store your sex toys. Designate a clean, sealable spot for your premium sex toys after they’ve been fully dried.

Nonporous sex toys should be kept in a special bag or box. Check for a tight-fitting zipper or lid. It’s fine to keep them together in separate containers because bacteria don’t stick to them very well.

Separate each porous sex toy from other sex toys in a separate location. This stops bacteria from spreading and harming your body.

Make your pleasure a top priority right now.

Dildos are owned by over 70% of all Americans. Knowing how to clean adult sex toys is crucial because they’re more common than you might believe.

If a toy begins to change color or smell, discard it immediately, and you should purchase a new one instead.

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